10 comments on “ArduDome: Opensource domotic with Arduino + RaspberryPI + PHP + JSON + jQuery

  1. This is an excellent idea, i’m going to implement it, i have a question, i’m using a DS18B20 instead of the analog one that you are using, and love for you to tell me how to put it in the project. BTW ¿in which of the files of the project you implement the temperature reading? i read all your files and i don’t see it. Thank for your help

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for this great project.
    I would like to use this to control 5 radio power sockets.
    I have the code for the sockets and the Arduino code is action-ed when the command
    “mySwitch.switchOn(1, 1);” and “mySwitch.switchoff(1, 1);” are sent.

    How can I input a *CMD that would send the follwoing:

    Output 1 on/off is mySwitch.switchOn(1, 1); / mySwitch.switchoff(1, 1);
    Output 2 on/off is mySwitch.switchOn(1, 2); / mySwitch.switchoff(1, 1);
    Output 3 on/off is mySwitch.switchOn(1, 3); / mySwitch.switchoff(1, 1);
    Output 4 on/off is mySwitch.switchOn(1, 4); / mySwitch.switchoff(1, 1);
    Output 5 on/off is mySwitch.switchOn(2, 1); / mySwitch.switchoff(1, 1);

    many thanks in advance for your help


  3. Hello,
    thanks for those ideas.

    I’m just starting with this world and trying to implement this project with arduino Yun directly. Since now I have done all around the strech part but I have been in a trouble with the server.

    I can send from my phone for example http://www.myaddress/arduino/*CMD13L/ and the Yun shuts down the led on pin 13.But, I do not know how to do to change the .php part just for work with the Yun. I leaved the .js without changes and making changes at .php file trying to send via bridgeclient but without successful.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

      • Ok Luca,
        I’m waiting impatient !! but working at the same time to understand this “arduworld”. For now I’m rewriting the .php part without to much exit but learning a lot.

        Thanks Luca,


  4. I am trying to use ardudome to read from my Arduino. I am not having any success due to the “undefined offset” error in ardudome.php. Is there any fix for this problem? Thank-you!

  5. Hello Luca,
    First I am not proficient in PHP or JS. I am having a problem running this program. I can get the ardudome.html to load but after ~1 sec all controls become grayed out and will not respond to touch. I am able to access webpage via pc and phone. The serial is working I can see both TX and RX activating on Arduino every 5 sec. I am at a loss for where to look at to fix this problem. I was thinking JS error but the serial write is happening every 5 sec which makes me think that is working. Please help point me where to check to correct this issue. My setup is Raspberry PI 2, arduino due(with 1k resistor between rst and 3.3v), mysql 5.5.44

  6. I tried running ardudome and controls on html page are grayed out. I don’t think it is permissions issue for linux. If I send command *CMD13H/ from python I can turn LED on and off. I added www-data to the dialout group. What could be causing the controls to be grayed out? I am a newbie to PHP, JSON, Jquery. A side note the controls are not grayed out when page first opens. They gray out about 1 second after page load and then no reaction to anything. This happens both from Iphone and PC webbrowser.

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